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Sunday, July 24, 2011


I know what you're thinking--this is not a promiscuous action, but rather, the kiwi's term for hiking. I spent this past weekend with the Tramping Club at Waitawheta Camp near the Kamais ranges.  Saturday was spent exploring muddy trails and overflowing rivers.  My group hiked for about 4 hours to the summit of Karangahake mountain, reaching roughly 600m into the sky.  We expected dazzling 360 degree views, but instead were met with a sheet of white surrounding us.  We had climbed straight into the belly of a cloud, completely engulfed by mist and wind.  While not what I had hoped to see, it was a pretty cool experience. 

At the summit surrounded by a cloud

Max ten person load...we cut it a little close
the group at the summit

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