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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spinning Globes

I was asked, quite seriously, if I decided upon studying in New Zealand by simply spinning a globe and randomly pointing to a location. Perhaps this would have been an interesting way of doing things, but not my m.o.  So, why New Zealand?  Why this island of 4 million people and 40 million sheep? A place where  "kiwi" has three different connotations, where rugby is the popular Sunday television event, where uni is only three years, and where you can see every possible landscape you could imagine?
...Is that even a question?
So far I have managed to walk my soles into oblivion around the city, picked up a few slang words, and sat through some rather interesting, some not, lectures--this mere taste of what new Zealand has to offer leaves me itching to explore more.  In the up-coming months I hope to visit the "tourist hot spots" while also managing to stumble far from the beaten path and witness the idyllic scenery this island nation has to offer.
First stop? I'm heading to a hut in the middle of the woods in order to tramp this weekend near the Kaimais.

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