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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Tramp of Epic Proportions

This past weekend we drove south to Karekare for a coastal tramp towards Whatipu.  On route, we stopped at Piha Beach.  I am buying a house here and living the rest of my life looking out at Lion's Rock and Piha's beautiful sand.  After playing in the ocean for a while and climbing Lion's Rock, we drove to the beginning of our trail in Karekare.  The trail was a little set back from the coast, but whenever the trees allowed,  we could see a vast expanse of waves pounding against the shore.  The soothing sound of the waves in the background made the muddy tramp go smoothly.

After about three hours in the forest, we veered off towards the beach-- we aren't sure what its name is but my friend called it "black sandy beach: the place where all things go to die."(there were a lot of dead birds strewn across the sand)  It was completely barren, and besides from maybe one other person, we had the entire beach to ourselves.  The  black sand stretched as far as the eye could see.  We continued on down the beach for about two hours until we finally reached Whatipu.  After we had set up our tents, we headed back down to the beach for the sunset.  The combination of the pink sky, rolling waves and the utter disbelief that I'm actually in New Zealand left me speechless.

After a night of restless sleep due to howling winds, we packed up our gear and headed back the way we had came.  The high tide made it more difficult to maneuver our way through the beach and marshes.  The winds were roaring, sending sand against our eyes and cutting our legs like knives.  I've never walked through a desert before, but I can imagine that is what it is like.  Beaten and tired after two long days, we finally arrived back at our car in Karekare.  We made one final stop at Bethells Beach so that a couple of my crazy friends could run into the ocean even though the wind was practically blowing us down. Although we were tired, bruised, covered in mud and hungry after it all, it was a great weekend, one I will not forget.

Piha/Lion's Rock
Sunset at Whatipu


Somewhere at the end of the black sand is the Tasman Sea

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