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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Last Supper (almost)

 “Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things – air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky – all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.” – Cesare Pavese

Fun fact: Kiwis each dine upon an average of 57 lbs of lamb per year while an American eats a mere .7lbs each in comparison. 
     Tonight, I managed to fulfill my quota for the year by feasting upon a lamb roast.  After learning of the Kiwis fondness for this meat, I had to, of course, be sure I liked it before I left.  Results? Success.  I can now walk into any Kiwi's humble abode and dine upon their favorite dish without any hesitation. 

With this last supper of sorts out of the way, all I have left to do is pack my life into one 50 lb bag.  In a little over a week, on July 4th to be exact (a little ironic), I will set foot on the plane, leaving all comforts behind.

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